Me atop a mountain in Portugal, 2019.

Carlton Upperdine

Software Engineer



I'm Carlton Upperdine. I have been working as a Software Engineer since 2016, and have held a number of other positions in the industry since 2011.

Throughout my career I have worked on a number of projects for a variety of sectors, including:

  • An industry-leading SaaS product used by thousands of garages across the UK and North America to run their business.
  • An award-winning application used by rail operators in the UK to manage staff competencies.
  • An application used on a multi-billion pound infrastructure project to manage logistics and the wider supply chain.

I am highly experienced in using C#, ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure to build resilient back end solutions, though I'm also comfortable working on the front end with Vue.js and TypeScript.

When I’m not sat in front of an IDE I enjoy kickboxing, spending time with my pets, drinking good coffee and looking at watches I can’t afford.