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A Fresh Lick of Paint

Published: Wed Mar 01 2023

The site is now live, thanks to my new friends Next.js and Tailwind CSS! I am hosting on Netlify, and aside from my domain name, this website costs nothing to run in production, which is fantastic.

I initially started blogging on Hashnode around a year ago, and- in just a few months, I accumulated over 10k views across my articles and built up a few hundred followers.

My articles were featured in several weekly digests, and I was quickly gaining momentum for someone still relatively new to the platform.

Sounds amazing, right?

Something I haven't talked about publicly is that I wasn't really enjoying the content I was writing on Hashnode.

For me, it quickly became more about chasing the high of engagement rather than putting out quality content.

The posts I was most proud of weren't successful engagement-wise, so I pivoted my content to low-effort design pattern articles.

When your hobby starts to feel like a job, something is wrong.

After settling into my new job last year, I decided I wanted to get back to writing, but I didn't want to fall back into old habits.

My philosophy towards posting on this site will differ from on Hashnode.

I can't guarantee that my content will regular or often, but it will be content I am proud of.

Until the next one!